The Bolt Man

13917 Old Turnpike Road

Millmont, PA 17845

(570) 597-2025

The Bolt Man's Logo

The Bolt Man

13917 Old Turnpike Road

Millmont, PA 17845

(570) 597-2025

The Bolt Man's Building Exterior

Bolts, Tools, Fasteners, and More…

Located between the communities of Mifflinburg and Millmont in Union County, The Bolt Man is Central PA’s one-stop supply destination for all varieties of bolts, tools, fasteners, and other shop essentials. 

Their extensive inventory includes Pry Bars, Adjustable Wrenches, Impact Sockets, Work Lights, Folding Knives, Tape Measures, Slip-Joint Plyers, Cutting Plyers, Locking Plyers, Drill Bits, Black & Gold for Steel,   Rechargeable & Regular Pen Lights, Rechargeable Headlamps, Rechargeable Spotlights,   Antifreeze 1000-Green Concentrate, Pre-mix 500, Yellow Omni All-Vehicles,  Orange  XL100 & XL50, Thread Locker, and Right Stuff Gasket maker.  Featured brands include MILWAUKEE, CHANNELLOCK, VISE-GRIP, DRILLCO, STREAMLIGHT, PERMATEX, PRIDE, and SHOPTOWELS. 

The Bolt Man bolts and fastener inventory includes Gr. 5-Gr. 8 Hex, Hex & Carriage, Gr. 8 Truck Frame, Concrete Anchors, Metric  (8.8 & 10.9), Tapcons Concrete, Deck Screws Anchors, SS Bolts, Galvanized, Hex Lags, Construction Lags, Assortment Kits (Otterpins-Keys-Orings, Self-Drilling Screws, Air Hoses, Couplers, Plugs, Blow Guns). 

Other items that are stocked include…

SAFETY (Earplugs, Earmuffs, Safety Glasses)

GLOVES (Chore, Disposable)

CARGO CONTROL (Tarp Straps, Rachet Straps, Zip Ties, Duct Tape, Gorilla Tape, SS Hose Clamps)

METAL WORKING (Grinding Wheels, Cutting Wheels, Sanding-Flap Disc, Sawzall Blades)

TWO PLUS TWO (Brake Cleaner, Gun Cutter, PFC, Red Grease)

CRIMP-ON WIRE “PICO” (Ring Terminal, Spade Terminal, Butt Terminals, Heat Shrink)

TERMINAL ASSORTMENT (Wiring Tools, Stripper, Crimper, Battery Terminals, Fuses, Circut Tester, Multi-Meter, 12 v. Battery Charger)

Hitch Prns (Clevises, Equipment Jacks, SMV Emblems, Grease Guns & Cooplers, Safety Flashers)

SHELL CLEAN (Hand Cleaner, Magic Industrial Wipes)

FIRE PRO (SS Refillable Extinguishers filled with “Cold Fire”)

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